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Caitlin Plankton (Songs about Twin Peaks), Shimmy 1312 (Dream Pop meets Agit Prop), Will Hall (Some dude from North Carolina), plus Coffee and Donuts, and Narcan distro and brief training. Saturday February 24 at Adobe Books, 3130 24th St, SF. Donations optional.

Panther-Centric Black History Month Events 2024:
Feed the Hood 28 - Saturday February 24, 9am-1pm, 7800 Macarthur Blvd, Oakland.
Black Planter Party - Saturday February 24, 2pm, 2340 Harrison St, Oakland.
Black Joy Parade - Sunday February 25, noon-7pm, 14th and Franklin St, Oakland.
Black Panther Party National Park Community Gathering - Tuesday February 27, 6-7pm, DeFremery Park Auditorium, 1651 Adeline St, Oakland.

Berkeley's Leap Day Action Night February 29 -- Gather at Bancroft and Telegraph Avenue at 5:30 pm march at 6 -- probably over by 7:30 or 8? -- there's a sign making and seed ball making party Sunday Feb. 25 at Long Haul from 6-9 (Background info : https://slingshotcollective.org/3-leap-day-action-night/) An extravagant spectacle and roving street party featuring music, art installations and visits to oppressive locations and institutions to transform them for life not death, freedom and joy not oppression and misery. Not a traditional protest nor another frivolous distraction while the world goes to hell around us. Leap Day is an extra day -- we declare a universal general strike, jamboree, street party and be-in. Life is too short and the world too beautiful to waste more time muddling through tedious jobs, polluted air and endless wars. This year's theme: Medieval peasants storm the castle -- Tear down the walls from Palestine to the US/Mexico Border to Berkeley. Menu of activities: *Roam Berkeley visiting, decorating and non-violently disrupting our oppressors. -- we're going to both Chase Bank and the Bank of America to protest their lending to fossil fuel projects - probably we'll put compost and plant flowers on both or something similarly light hearted -- with luck a climate group will briefly talk *Marching band and/or mobile bike sound system *Bring your own signs, disguises, decorations, musical instruments, snacks, ladders, grappling hooks, rope, catapult (example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzYKS71Zv14. Demands: For life, beauty and joy and against eco-destroying robber barons! Keep fossil fuels in the ground Free Palestine looking for a Gaza-related place to visit on Telegraph (?) Everyone should have one house before anyone can have two Free People's Park go to the crazy 17 foot tall wall and propel seed balls with wildflower seeds over it -- and have peasants storming the castle - Free the commons / protect and enhance public space Stop making all that plastic crap The earth is not dying - it is being killed. The corporations killing it have locations near you (including in Berkeley) We refuse to be consumers, viewers and objects to be managed. Let’s build a world that’s awake and engaged — shift the focus from things and entertainment to firsthand experience.

Ritmos Tropicosmos and Combo Tezeta, DJ Sets by Caja Magica, Visuals by AV Transit. Saturday March 9, at Elis Mile High Club, 3629 MLK Jr Way, Oakland. Doors 8pm, $15.

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